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Goals & Objectives

VISTA Academy 

Goals & Objectives 

Goal #1 To provide options for students who, for a variety of reasons, are not benefitting from the traditional school structure. 

Objective #1.0 – Flexible learning plan which allows for differentiation. 

Objective #1.1  Intensive behavioral supports through PBIS (Positive  Behavior  Interventions and Supports). 

Objective #1.3  Self-Regulation skills taught and modeled. 

Objective #1.4  Social and emotional supports. 

Objective #1.5  Intensive instruction and remediation. 


Goal #2 To provide an educational environment that helps prevent students from dropping out of school or brings back students who previously dropped out. 

Objective #2.0 – Students will demonstrate study skills to be life-long learners. 

Objective #2.1 – Students will experience and recognize the value of the fine arts. 

Objective #2.3  Students will write clearly to express their own ideas and to  convey information to an audience.  

Objective #2.4  Students will speak clearly to express their own ideas and to  communicate information using language that is appropriate for the audience.  

Objective #2.5  Students will use math skills to solve problems encountered as  consumers and workers. 

Objective #2.6  Students will recognize the need to tolerate and cooperate with  others in order to maintain harmony in their lives.