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  • Welcome to Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade MVA! 

    Heads up! Once you enroll, it may take up to 48 hours for all information to sync with our programs. You will receive an invitation to join Class Dojo from me  prior to that. Please accept the invitation so we can start communicating. Please continue reading to ensure a successful start to our program.

    Who is my teacher?

    My name is Mrs. Kniffen. This is my third year with Moore Virtual Academy and I absolutely love it! Before joining the virtual team, I taught 1st through 3rd grade in person. I have been teaching in the Moore Public Schools district for twenty-five years.. I have two sons who are grown and one is a high school teacher.  The other one is a cell phone technician. I have four greyhound dogs and I like all sorts of craft projects, decorating, and gardening for fun. I also love to read and am a HUGE OKC Thunder fan.

    How do I get started with MVA?

    Once your child is synced with everything, we will meet and I  will provide you with lots of  materials and information needed to log in to the Clever dashboard. Once on the Clever dashboard, you will find Canvas and Seesaw, which are the two main programs we use.

    This is where you will find lesson plans, videos, assignments and how to turn them in. When you come to pick up materials, we will do a walk through on my computer so you know where to find things. Don’t worry if you forget. You can always come back by or we can go over things via a zoom meeting, but I assure you, it is easy and you will have it down in no time! If you are transferring to MVA from  an in-person school  in our district, you will bring your math and reading workbooks from your previous school. If you are coming to MVA from outside of our district, I will notify you when books are ready to be picked up. I communicate with parents and students through the Class Dojo app, so please check daily. We can do a walk through showing how to navigate any of our programs in person or via zoom. I am happy to help.

    Do I need my own device to participate in MVA?

    You may use your own device or you may use a district issued ipad or Chromebook at no charge. If, at any point, you have issues with your device, you will contact the Technology Helpdesk at 405-735-4023. They are very friendly and helpful!

    When do we zoom and what is it like?

    We zoom as a grade level each morning. This is our current schedule, but it is subject to change.

    2nd grade: 9:30-10:00

    1st  grade: 10:00-10:30

    Kindergarten: 10:30-11:00

    Morning zooms are required for attendance. Please let me know if your child can’t attend for any reason. We spend most of our morning zooms learning new material, reviewing, practicing, and sharing assignments already completed.

    In addition to the morning zooms, we have small group zooms during the afternoons (times vary by grade level). These zooms focus on individual needs. 

    Please have students ready to learn prior to zooming. This includes being dressed for school, eating breakfast, using the restroom, and having any required supplies ready. Students should sit in a quiet, distraction- free learning space.. Here are some  guidelines and expectations to ensure we get the most from our learning  time together.



    What will my day look like?

    We start with morning zoom. Students have the flexibility to organize their day in a way that works best for them to do assignments with their parents. If students want to start working before the morning zoom, IXL, reading assignments,spelling, vocabulary, or practicing math facts are great options.  Activities in Seesaw are available on Sunday each week. Students have the added bonus of using the weekends and evenings to finish  assignments if they need to. 

    What curriculum and what resources do we use?

    We use the same curriculum as our in-person Moore Public School students: Into Reading, EnVision, Mystery Science, and IXL. We use Seesaw to complete additional activities and to submit work. We follow the same curriculum maps and progression as the rest of our district.

    Where can I find resources?

    All the resources can be found on the Clever dashboard. If students have trouble getting logged in to one of them, go back and log back in to Clever. If the problem persists, contact me.We will figure it out!

    Do I have classmates and when will I see them?

    Yes! Each class is a community, just like in the traditional classroom setting. We respect and care about one another. We share our thoughts and feelings, and we also get to share our pets and our favorite things from home! In some ways, we get to know each other better than in the traditional classroom setting. Our parent/teacher relationships are also strong. Throughout the year, we will also have fun in person activities to provide MVA students with opportunities  to interact and socialize with each other and their teacher.

    What if I need help?

    Send me a message in Class Dojo any time. I will respond promptly during the school day. You can also leave a message at Briarwood for me to call you. I can provide additional learning resources, in depth explanations, or a one on one zoom with a student or parent to help. I am happy to help in any way I can.

    What tips will help me be successful?

    • Ask questions if something is confusing!

    • Follow the directions in Canvas.

    • Submit your work daily.

    • Attend and participate in zoom.

    • Set up a work space with all of your school items.

    • Keep your device charged and ready to go.

    • Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

    • Let me know if I can help in any way!


  • What about testing?

    Our MVA students participate in the same assessments as their in person peers. Students will visit me at Briarwood Elementary,14901 S. Hudson Avenue., for STAR Reading and Math testing 5 times during the school year. Report card testing will also be done with me in person.

    Leesa Kniffen