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Secondary MVA

Moore Virtual Academy

6th thru 12th Grade


Dear Virtual Academy Parent/Guardians,         

Hello students and parents! Moore Public Schools is excited to offer a virtual learning option for our students and families again this year. All 7th thru 12th students who are enrolled in a virtual course will have a student account in Edgenuity. We are excited about using Edgenuity as our virtual platform. Edgenuity very closely mirrors the instructional model of Moore Public Schools in its presentation and instruction. Edgenuity offers considerably more instructional videos with a teacher certified in that subject presenting the instruction. 

7th thru 12th Grade Virtual Academy information:

In-Person Testing

In-Person testing is mandatory for all virtual students. High school students who wish to test during the day, may do so at their home school's testing center.

          Moore High School            Anne Nunnally

          West Moore High School   Gretchen White

          South Moore High School  Patrick Heston


High school students can also test in the evening without appointment at VISTA Academy: Monday thru Thursday 4-7 PM

All junior high students will test in the evening at VISTA Academy: Monday thru Thursday 4-7 PM without appointment.


By state law, we must take attendance on virtual students. Attendance will be based upon a minimum of four hours per course, per week. For example: a full-time virtual student with six courses would be expected to log a minimum of four hours in each course for a total of twenty hours each week. If a student is on-pace within Edgenuity, then they are considered as meeting the attendance requirements, even if they are short of the hourly requirement. Virtual attendance will be taken every Monday morning at 8 am to determine if the student has met the attendance requirements.


It has been the custom and habit for virtual students to focus only on two or three courses until they have been completed and then complete the courses left within the semester. Because of course attendance requirements, this will no longer be possible, and students must be working in all courses weekly.


6th Grade Virtual Academy information:

In-Person Testing

Students will take STAR Reading and Math Assessments in-person. The assigned teacher will communicate the appointment time and testing location. State OSTP Testing will also be required in-person.  

Sixth grade students will not be required to complete Edgenuity Unit Assessments in-person this year.


Orientation to The Virtual Program

MVA teachers will contact students to give information about how to login and get started.                                                                             

Device Pick-Up:

Students who have enrolled in MVA may pick up their device at the Moore Public Schools Technology Center beginning on Monday, August 8th. You will need to bring an ID for verification and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The Moore Public Schools Technology Building is located at 1504 SE 4th Street, Moore, OK 73160. It is located behind the Administration Building. 


MPS Technology Center Telephone: 405-735-4024 

MPS Technology Center Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm (closed 11:30-12:30) 

Hours are subject to change during school breaks.