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VISTA Academy High School

Main Office: 224 SE 4th Street 
Moore, Oklahoma 73160
405-735-4640 (Fax: 405-793-3062)

Cafeteria Phone: (405)735-4642
Office Hours: 7:300am to 3:00pm

School Hours: 8:45am to 2:55pm

Climate Survey Link: Climate Survey

Principal: Hart Brown

Assistant Principal: Shawna Wilson
Secretary: Karen Alfaro

Attendance: Jessica Guillen
Counselor: Melissa Kitch
Registrar/Secretary: Pat Sears                           

  *All program applications originate with the counselor at your childs school. Required expenses for High School Program:    * School ID's $10.00     

The VISTA Academy High School creates a safe environment for all students in an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect. We engage students in stimulating academic challenges and in a positive social interaction so they will become contributing members of society.


Many educational innovations characterize the educational program at the VISTA Academy High School

  • Serves 60 students grades 9-12
  • Small class size ratio (1-15) 
  • Multi-aged classrooms 
  • Variety of instructional groupings 
  • Full inclusion of special education students 
  • Individualized goals for each student 
  • School-wide emphasis on quality work 
  • Daily home-school connections (i.e. homework, learning plans) 
  • Individual graduation plan 
  • Integration of curriculum content, processes, and skills across subject areas and grade levels 
  • Uninterrupted blocks of focused learning time 
  • Arts & Sciences choices 
  • Community service 
  • Flexible staff roles 
  • Team planning school-wide curricular themes based on district and state standards
  • Flexible scheduling of the school day and of the calendar year 
  • Extensive community participation in activities of the school

The VISTA Academy High School creates a school environment characterized by a sense of family and teamwork where students feel accepted and supported. Individualized learning, and offering students challenging real life learning opportunities, effectively motivate VISTA students, support their progress and encourage them to take education seriously. The following structures and practices significantly support the VISTA mission.


The VISTA Academy High school targets 60 students, grades 9 through 12 who are describes/indicated by at least one of the following scenarios: 

  • Drop out students wishing to return to regular school. 
  • Drop out students needing credits to complete school. 
  • Drop out students involved in the juvenile court system who are referred to the program. 
  • Students who need a transitional setting between treatment centers and traditional school. 
  • Students returning from suspension. . 
  • Students who are not successful in the key school settings. 


Class sizes of 15 students will be created in the school by creatively utilizing staff assignments and normal school resource allocations. Small groupings allow teachers to get to know students personally, to understand their areas of interest, to address the needs of the whole child, to identify and enhance the strengths of every child, and to guide students in:

Setting goals, reflecting, and evaluating their own progress; Planning, initiating, and following through on activities; and taking responsibility for their own learning.


Students are expected to behave responsibly and maturely.  Failure to maintain proper conduct can result in dismissal from the program, and the student will return to his/her home school.  Rules of discipline that are stated in the School Student Handbook must be observed.


This program has a comprehensive and systematic intake and screening process that determines the appropriateness of student placement. A major part of the process is the involvement and commitment by the parent/guardian throughout the students tenure in the program. The tenure of the student will be determined by the intake committee. The intake committee decision is final as to whether a student is accepted into the program. This commitment may include contracts between the students and parent and the program staff regarding attendance, productivity, and behavior.

The intake committee is comprised of student, parent/guardian, Academy High School teachers, counselor, administrators, and juvenile justice representatives, if applicable.

The Moore Public School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or veteran.